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Gunilla Caulfield was born and educated in Stockholm, Sweden, before immigrating to the United States. After ten years as an art dealer on Newbury Street in Boston, she moved to Rockport, Massachusetts, where she served as reference librarian at the Rockport Public Library. Along with husband Thomas and a steadily growing clan, she divides her time between Rockport, Massachusetts and Bridgton, Maine.


WHEN THE ARTIST Carlo Valenti is murdered in Rockport, a small New England fishing village and art colony, Annie Quitnot, the local reference librarian, becomes the chief suspect. Annie and Carlo were lovers until five years ago, when Carlo went to Rome to join what he called "the real art world." Carlo returned recently with the nubile young Margo on his arm. Now Carlo lies dead in the morgue. Naturally, the police and the townspeople are convinced that Annie did it. Jealousy is a strong motive, and Annie has no alibi. With the support of the library's sympathetic director, Duncan Langmuir, and Annie's brother Justin, who flies in to help after seeing a disheveled Annie on TV news, Annie tries to solve the murder and acquit herself. Even her friends seem to think her guilty--and can she really trust Duncan Langmuir? Justin, to Annie's chagrin, enlists the curmudgeonly Judge Bradley to help clear her. Instead, Annie keeps getting deeper into trouble.


In this second Annie Quitnot mystery, Annie, the local reference librarian, pokes her nose into fresh murders on Cape Ann--expecially since they hit close to home, taking place during her own wedding at the famous Hammond Castle. During the medieval dinner that follows the ceremony in the Great Hall, a small boat runs aground on Norman's Woe, an islet just outside the castle, and is blown to smithereens. As the Coast Guard helicopter hoists a lifeless body into the basket, the wedding guests are left to wonder who the skipper was. While they are still trying to recapture the feeling of festivity, Annie's wedding is disrupted by another murder, this time inside the castle. Annie, naturally, has to find the murderer who put such a pall on her wedding. She casts about for likely suspects. Is a local cult, heavily involved in the fishing industry, trying to cause a scandal and force the castle to go bankrupt, which would give them an ideal opportunity to acquire more valuable shoreline? Is the curator in financial trouble--or maybe jealous of the murdered popular young man, who was related to Hammond? And what about the young assistant in the castle shop, with his body tattoos and punk look as well as a mysterious past?

MURDER ON BEARSKIN NECK: "This cozy mystery by former librarian Gunilla Caulfield is a potpourri of tempting ingredients--a picturesque New England fishing village, sweet pet dogs, literary references, a librarian protagonist who has a secret lover, and of course, a murder. Caulfield fills the pages with excellent insider details that ring true and make the reader feel right at home in Rockport, Massachusetts...This sweet novel of small-town simplicity and duplicity could zing off the shelves...the author has done her homework and knows the setting, the details, and the tics and tells of this small community and its inhabitants. She offers a well-constructed tale with plenty of red herrings and insight into the lives of her colorful characters." CLARION REVIEW
5 star: Absolutely wonderful!!
I got this book and loved it! I grew up in Rockport in the summer so it was great reading a book about the history of a place I used to live in. The author did a great job incorporating the history into the novel while telling us a story. According to the back cover, there is going to be a sequel. I cannot wait for that to come out! Very easy to read and keeps you on your toes. I read it in three days while taking care of my 8 1/2 month old son. Highly recommend getting the book.
5 star: Historical thriller!
I absolutely loved this novel! I was just sure I knew who the killer was--and then--it wasn't! I think the main character, Annie Quitnot, is a typical New England girl. She is very persistent in her quest to dicover the murderer in this small New England seacoast town. She is strong-willed and the reader learns to like her so much. Mrs. Caulfield did a great job of incorporating a lot of Cape Ann history and geography for the reader. In many instances I could easily picture the location. I've been on Cape Ann and it's such a beautiful place. I'm looking forward to more "Annie Quitnot" novels.
5 star: Wonderful read set in an ideal New England town.
As the title suggests there is a murder that takes place in this quaint coastal village on the shores of Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Annie, the main character, is swept into intrigue and mystery that takes the reader through twists and turns. What a delight! Just when you think you are sure who the murderer is the story takes another turn. Ms. Caulfield also intertwines much history of Rockport and her rich knowledge of art, its process, and "Willie" Shakespeare. You will come away delightfully sated and want to visit Rockport and all of its splendor.
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